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Le Temps. Opioid crisis: ‘People need to know the quality of the drugs they are using’.  July 12, 2022. (news article. In French)

Ahmedabad Mirror. How the Covid Pandemic Contributed to Drug Overdose Risk. May 3, 2022.  (news article)

Treatment Magazine. In the Face of an OD Crisis, A Naloxone Gap. May 2, 2022.  (news article)

Medical Xpress. The impact of COVID-19 on drug use-and how it contributes to overdose risk. April 26, 2022 (news article)

Naya Nazriya A News Corner. The influence on COVID-19 on drug use- and the way it contributes to overdose danger. April 26, 2022 (news article)

The Health News Express. The influence of COVID-19 on drug use – and the way it contributes to overdose threat. April 26, 2022 (news article)

HCP Live. Strategies Are Developing to Boost HIV PrEP Initiation.  December 15, 2021. (news article)

Contagion Live. Provider Stigma Can Prevent Injection Drug Users from Receiving PrEP. November 13, 2021. (live interview)

Contagion Live. Intersectional Stigma: Rural America, HIV PrEP, and Injection Drug Use. November 2, 2021. (live interview)

Contagion Live. In Rural Areas, Injection Drug Users Have Less Knowledge, More Stigma about PrEP.  October 12, 2021. (news article)

EurekAlert! Awareness and knowledge of PrEP varies by rural vs. urban settings among people who inject drugs.  October 12, 2021. (news article)