Walters Consulting, LLC is available to consult on formative research, qualitative methods, recruitment strategies, survey development, data analysis, and grant writing. We also have an expertise in organizational development and strategic planning. If you are interested in working together please contact me.

What people are saying:

“Given her expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods and research focus on the intersection of gender, substance use and HIV prevention, I sought out Dr. Walters as a consultant on a highly innovative pilot project focusing on providing PrEP to cisgender and transgender women, which required her skillset. Dr. Walters contributed incredibly thoughtful and insightful feedback throughout the project that greatly strengthened its design and its eventual implementation, ensuring that the study had impactful findings. Dr. Walter’s professionalism, intellectual rigor, and commitment to improving health outcomes among marginalized communities are evident in her work and she was an indispensable member of our study team.”

– Dr. Oni Blackstock, Founder and Executive Director, Health Justice and former Assistant Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.